Sponsorship Announcement - YoYoStringLab

Big News! - YoYoStringLab is sponsoring Magne Sætran of Oslo, Norway! He blew my mind away with his smooth confident slack style. He uses full length Type X and it’s awesome to watch. Expect a video soon. Magne will be representing YYSL at the EYYC in Budapest, Hungary February 23-24. I can’t wait.

If you haven’t seen his videos, check out these posts:

Congratulations!! He is a truly great player!

Well, that was fast.

Nice job! I knew he would get picked up by someone! Being sponsored by a string company is awesome! That way he can use any yoyo on stage!

Welcome to the team, Magne!

Thanks everyone ;D It’s great to be on the team! :slight_smile:


After seeing his absolutely incredible vids, I was blown away that he wasn’t already sponsored. Congrats on the sponsorship!

His videos amazed me, string company’s a good deal! Another chapter is met…congrats!

Congrats oh also great slacks!