Messing with Dark Magic

Got a dm2 yesterday and it’s great, lots of fun and plays great. Kinda random but I just decided to make a video today, it was all improvised haha :smiley: I made a mistake or two but whatevs :wink:

You have to just delete the m. in front of youtube bc that’s for being on a phone.

Ohhh, i got it xD

I taught him all he knows!!! sniff they grow up so fast! Lol I taught him few things. Your off to a great start man! We should facetime in a bit, once I get home back from work, I got something special to show you.

Is that music from the Backspin EYYC 2012 vid?
Love that song but i need to know the official name instead of calling it the “EYYC” Song"

Ahh yes, you taught me my very first GT, which led to ninja vanish, brent stole, and a few I made up! You also taught me how to fix tension for an unresponsive yoyo :slight_smile: I remember the first time we talked my best trick was like The Matrix, haha :smiley: As for facetime, that’d be great, but I cant this weekend, Ill be available on tuesday though… pm me

Im not sure, That song was just on my playlist and I liked it so yea… you can find the title at the very end of my video but it’s called Levels by Avicii

This shows my addiction to yoyos
Heres the vid

When Im as good as the guys in that vid… that’ll be the day :slight_smile: and yea, thats the song. levels by Avicii


your string is way too long for your height !

haha, yea but I’m 5 ft. 3… If I use string that’s to my belly button, it would be like up to a regular person’s pocket which is looping length, and that’s too short… I have trouble doing some 1a tricks at that length cuz it’s too short. So I use string that’s around my chest area and I’ve gotten used to it… I know some other shorter guys do this too :stuck_out_tongue: it works for me though :wink:

haha, I’m 5’8 and I use string to my waist lol, I RARLEY have trouble, but it happens at times so I don’t mind it too much lol as long as you’re comfortable it doesn’t matter.

I’m 6’4" and luckily all the string comes standard to my belly button. Haha. Great video though!

HAHA ! this made me laugh a little more than your name did xD OMG.