Getting back into it, Dark Magic, Progessing well

(Hope I am posting in the right forum.)

Hello My Name is Dave. 30 year old Mechanical Engineer/ Designer, Married w/ 2 sons 3 and 10

5 years ago I got into Yo-Yo’s I bought a Turbo Bumblebee, a Proyo II and shortly after a AeroSpin.

The Aerospin is a love hate relationship. I’m sure anyone who has had one probaly feels the same way.

I really like the TBB and the Proyo II they each have a good unique feel. I can loop them each about 15 times before the yoyo goes off axis ( still trying to learn loop control, reading and watching and practicing < any tips ? >

last week I found this website and just got super hooked !!. became attracted to the Dark Magic since I was seeing it used in Andre’s videos.

Ordered a green one yesterday with a couple packs of string.

I Am very excited for Saturday to arrive :slight_smile: so now I suppose I really need to start working on Binds. I was trying to follow the steps in Andre’s Bind video, using the TBB but it just seems to run out of juice before I can complete it. lol yeah I need lots more practice.

Anyway I wanted to come in here and introduce myself ( I did post in the introduction thread as well). I hope to be able to post back and show what I have learned.


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Welcome to the forum!!

Thats great that you are getting back into it, i recently got hooked back in not too long ago. as for your binds, i would just suggest waiting for your DM and keeping it fully tightened while you learn. Id say spend the first hour or so just working on your throw and learning how to bind, there are several good videos on how to and different kinds. The reason i say just wait to learn binding cause all your current yo’s are tug responsive, ad plus i learned on a DM :D.

Looking forward to seeing you around on the boards and see how you progress.

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Thanks Fangers123, cool cool, I’ll wait til the DM arrives, keep it tight and practice binds all day long til I get it right. I’ve been reading tons of posts the last couple days and I can tell this will be a fun place to be.

Another old guy! Man I’m glad to see you. I’ve been feeling lonely in here. lol
I kid. Its good to see other grown men playing with toys like this. Welcome and don’t hesitate to ask questions. We have a search button so anything you want to look for it’s there. If you are feeling a little too lazy then ask away.

Mechanical Engineer eh? How fun. I only wish I had your knowledge.

Also you got two sons? I have three. lol What a handful!

Again welcome!

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Right on !, thanks for the nice welcome :slight_smile:

I’m dying waiting for saturday to arrive.

I just practiced Brain Twister for the first time, using the Aerospin I can only get 2 loops before it comes back up the string.

yeah M.E/D I’m trying very hard to not start 3D modelling a cool yoyo. hehe

yep a 3 year old and a 10 year old, they both love watching me throw the Yo. I think they just wait and hope I hit myself in the head.

Age… I have both of ya’ll beat at 44… ;D

I’m getting back into the yoyoing again, I was in it pretty heavy in the late 90’s, 2000 time frame and then just put it down for a while. Really liked the Spinfaktor yoyo at the time.

Some guys at work got a couple of Duncan’s and were messing around and next thing you know I get involved and start pulling my old yoyo’s out. Bought a DM, still have an old Hitman and just bought a Chico Bulldog that is used, but looks prestine. Have not thrown the Bulldog yet, too chicken.

I have finally got binding pretty good now, just took some practice and just finished learning Plastic Whip. Playing around with different string types, put in flowable silicone on my Hitman and thinking about doing that on my DM. Bought a KK bearing to try that out too.

Anyhow glad to see some “older” folks around… 8)


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lol no thats not old.

it arrived !! wow very nice. nicest one I’ve had. it’s TOUGH lol. been practicing bind returns for the last 2 hours. getting better. looks awesome in lime green with Orange string.

OK, so I’ve had the DM for a few days now. I really like it so far ( almost broke my eye socket… but thats another thread )

so far I have tried trapeze, double or nothing, brain twister, side winder and UFO.

what I got from all that is I really really need to improve my throw and then next keep at my breakaway until I can do it with my eyes closed.

I can throw a straight sleeper about 50% of the time. and the breakaway, wow thats ugly I really need to practice that.

for the rest of the week, Im going to refrain from trying anything until I get much better throws and breakaways. I read somewhere today about a tip for learning breakaways by standing in front of a wall. it made sense and I think I’ll try that.

Im currently running minimum gap, YYE 100% poly string and a small drop of 3in1 ( all I had)

coming to this website everyday and reading all the fun stuff sure has been keeping my interest. I do think it is sad though to not have any local friends that do this. I feel my skill would increase big time if I were to yo with someone of higher skills

Great to hear that you’re improving and you’re learning very fast!

But I’m warning you, you’re about to rip a HUGE hole in your pocket, lol.

I started out with a YYJ Kickside and a YYJ Lyn Fury.

Now, after lots of Buying, Selling, and Trading, I’ve spent a couple hundred bucks on yoyoing, I completely stopped keeping track.

And the hardest part, I’m 13, so it’s not exactly easy when I REALLY want a yoyo, and I can’t get it for a couple months because I’m not old enough to get a job yet, and my parents stopped buying me all my stuff a long time ago, lol.

But anyway, I got a little off topic there, but just have fun, seriously. I love collecting, and finding perfect yo-yos for my hand, but maybe you’ll be just fine with your Dark Magic!

I don’t really know what I’m talking about here at all, I’m getting really confused. Seriously. I hope you extract some good things from the randomness of this comment, lol.

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Lol, I used to not be able to breakaway, in fact, I couldn’t untill i got to kwijibo (honestly :o) then I realised I need it to advance, that’s my greatest regret ATM, not doing breakaway first.

Wow, that was random, congratz on your new DM!

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Woot nice to see someone determined and truthful about beginner yoyoin. thats all it is dude, practice. like you said refrain from learnin others but breakaway but turn it into a trapeze. that way you multi task. if you throw a god throw and land a trapeze, your doin awesome. if you throw a trapeze but its tilting try again until its straight. Listen up though. andre uses a konkave bearing which centers the string in the middle. DONT BUY ONE!!! practice it with a flat. trust me i made that mistake now 1/20 throws ill get a crooked. learn from my mistake. which is kinda weird to tell to a grown man for i am… uh… 12…

  1. cool cool, Awesome randomness there guys, right on ;D

I am determined, I told my wife last night that I like it because it is good portable fun and it takes skill.
Now that I’ve almost busted my eye socket I think I’ll first grab the skill of knowing when there may be a knot and to knot throw for a hard sleeper… I guess mix that in with learning the breakaway.

I have to say that this DM is inspiring to use and rewarding so far, even darn good at letting you know when you mess up. time to throw

Dave :o

welcome, your username is what my old junior high teacher would call himself.

Anyways keep tryin. Dont switch your yoyo because you think its bad or worse. because i have the dm (my only yoyo) and im almost done with master.(if you watch the tuts on this site) its the player not the yoyo. look at my sig

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I think most everyone on here has one of those hit myself with my yo because of a “chunky” or knotted bind. :slight_smile:

I recently got back into throwing myself. It’s kind of like riding a bike. The throw was just there. What is taking a little longer is the accuracy of moving the yoyo around on the strings in some of the more complicated tricks. For example the pop up through the triangle at the end of superman. Before my break it was automatic now I pop the yoyo into the strings instead of the opening about half the time. Go figure.

I was amazed at how many metal yoyo’s there are out there now. They look to be taking over the sport. Just picked up a DV888 and it plays great.

Good luck and keep practicing. This is a great hobby/sport and it will continue to challenge you for as long as you keep throwing.


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I agree w/ icthus, its good to see more older cats here!!! Makes the rest of us feel a little less lonely ;D Welcome to the forum!!

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ok guys, this is what I have done to my DM :

  1. Shaved the starbursts
  2. Installed washed Ceramic KK
  3. removed the O-ring
  4. Waxed my string

now I can’t seem to get the yoyo to come back. :frowning:

Yes of course I am just kidding about all that. hehe I did get about 100 throws last night and I can tell it is feeling better and throwing straighter.

I really have to have control and not get in too deep with all the neat yoyo’s on the market. I already have a money pit hobby ( Radio control airplanes and helicopters, and Quadrocopters)

so I’ll be sticking with the DM for a long time, maybe in a month I’ll grab the Lagacy to though

That uh… would be taking a step to nowhere realy. Unless your collecting or want to try something new, im going to inform you that the legacy is related to the dm. its like a plastic version. i want you to think about that but, hey if you want to go for it. every pro needs a backup its actually a great yoyo ive heard
go for it if you want to

As another member of the 30 something crowd, glad you’re here. I started with a throw monkey. I thought it would be plenty good and I would never need another yoyo. Besides, it was almost $20.

It didn’t take long and I was buying my Dark Magic. Couldn’t believe I was spending that much on a yoyo. But I figured that was it, I’ll never need another.

And I was right in that I don’t need another, but I ordered one anyway. I’m now waiting on my first metal, the BOSS. I’m again telling myself this is it. I’ll never need to buy another. I hope I’m right this time.

So keep an eye on those money pits. Somehow even what should be the cheapest of hobbies can get expensive.

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who would have thought you could spend 100 dollars on a spinning circle on string