First yoyo vid!

Hope u like it!  ;D


Hahaha :smiley:

unnecessary bump

Yet another added to my awesome list.

the most unnecessary bump ever.

Wow. How long have you been yo-yoing for? You’re pretty good!

Great video, I like the throwing…and dat face…xD

Young dudes and their insanely long strings… :wink:

Man, that was fun to watch. You really seem to be enjoying yourself, and the tricks were top-notch!

Haha thanks! 2 and a half years, if I am not mistaken.

Thanks! Also, thank you again for that comment. I cut my string about 2 inches shorter and I found myself going a lot faster and I found it was easier for me to control slack tricks!

Awesome! I was obsessed with getting shorter and shorter, and I went a bit TOO far with shortness one time… could barely Spirit Bomb because of the small tight formation. Guess it’s a matter of finding the shortest length that will still allow you to execute your own style/repertoire without problems. :smiley:

Right now what’s working for me is for the knot of my loop to be at the top of my belly-button. So I guess 1 inch above the belly button. Of course, belly button measurements can’t be applied from one person to the next with any sort of sanity.

nice video man :stuck_out_tongue:

yea that string length look ridiculus but its always liek that when u are not so tall :stuck_out_tongue: i got 190cm so even when i buy YYF 100 pack of strings all of them deosnt even reach from my navel to ground :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yeah