Aruarian Dance (Yoyo)

Well, since it is Christmas break, I have time to make videos, so here is the second video! ;D It shows some of my other tricks. If you haven’t, please watch my first video here. :wink: It shows how my “usual” yoyo style is, with many slack tricks and so on. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, feedbacks are appreciated! :smiley:

Please enjoy! ;D

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This is just as good as the first. Seriously your awesome. And btw I had to watch that first trick like three times. It’s really cool

I liked the trick after the 3rd break. Great job.

The first trick (X laceration) is actually made by Takahiro Iizuka, not me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedbacks guys! ;D

man, I wish I could make tricks like that flow so well and look effortless. :o

Why are you so good??? ???

Thanks guys! ;D

Awsome your good.!!

Thank you! :3

No Problem :-3

Another really nice video. The yoyoing is so visually satisfying.

Yeah I gotta give ya props… those are some sweet tricks your throwin. Do you use an extra long string? It seems much longer than what I’m used to seeing

I was wondering the same thing. His string looks really long, but I thought it might just be kind of an optical illusion, because in some videos it looks like their string is longer than normal, when it’s really not.

I’m using a Kitty String “Normal” in the video :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedbacks guys!!! ;D

It’s bout time you get sponsored lol. You should send your videos to some companies and see what happens cause your def good enough.

Thank you ;D I’ll think about it :wink:

id say CLYW ;3

I’ve sent a message to CLYW, asking for their feedback on the videos :3

you deserve it, youre amazing

Thanks! I’m awaiting their response ;D