Swirlin' Twirlin' with Big Yoyo String!


Hey Video Browsers :wink:

Check out this video I shot using my signature string, “Slix”.
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Thanks for watching, Hope you enjoyed it!







Thinking about doing a string giveaway soon via youtube. Maybe within the next 2 weeks. Go watch my videos! The more views and likes the more likely ill do a giveaway!


Where you filmed makes it look like you took your Chief to the woods for a yoyo pow wow. ;D


Haha, a good ol’ Pow Wow. Its actually a set of railroad tracks that run through my town. The bridge part (walls with graffiti) is a no trespassing property. But it was a sunday when we filmed, so nobody was around, no harm was done :wink:


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Nice vid!


Thank you sir!


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(Owen) #14

Ok, if you are gonna make a promo for strings, try to make them visible.

It was really hard to see the strings :frowning:

But otherwise, it was a very well filmed video and also well edited, but next time ask Mr. Big Yoyo to make you some neon yellows, and wear a black shirt. Maybe even design a Big Yoyo Team shirt that is black.

Just my two cent$


Thanks for your input. The problem with the neon strings is that, they aren’t very efficient. They can be expensive to produce if I’m correct, making it insanely expensive for consumers to buy.

Also, the sponsorship here is still very new. So we haven’t had time to discuss different ideas to enhance sales and promotions. That’s why shirts aren’t made yet :wink:

Again, thank you for the input it was much appreciated Nemyo :wink:




nice video?


Is that a question or a compliment? Haha, if its a compliment, thanks you!