Tewday---Big Yoyo String---Andrew Miller 😉

Just a trick video I made. The trick didn’t have a name when I learned it, so I made up a name. So it’s called Tewday. It’s a string rejection trick. Pretty fun once you can get it down :wink: enjoy, I can make a tutorial if I get enough response to it! Let me know what you think!


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Happy Throwing!

Yoyo used: CLYW Puffin
String Used: Slix ( My Signature String)

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Thanks for watching!

You might wanna change that link. It goes to the mobile version of the video, which is not available.

Someone taught me a trick a while ago-- just drop the “m.” to get the non-mobile. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what I think of the video… there’s a part where not only the throw but your hands go out of sight. Without seeing all strings and all hands and yoyo at the same time, it feels like I’ve missed out on something important!

My hands need to lower down to get the needed “pop” for the yoyo to go up and the string to reject backward.

Nice man! That’s a really slick trick!


Of course! But if more of you was in the frame, we could see it all.

Yeah, understandable :slight_smile: My camera kinda sucks though, I need to invest in one that has a bigger filming area. Thanks for watching!

You should get a fisheye

They’re sweet, I wish I had money for a gopro…Maybe at the beginning of 2013 ill invest in one. Camera are so expensive, it’s crazy.

No joke. Cameras are costly. I justified my camera purchase by convincing my wife it was for the good of the family, with us being able to take some lovely low-light photos of the kids (as opposed to grainy point-and shoot). As a side benefit, the Canon T3i we got isn’t shabby for video.





Awesome job on the video! Good way to represent BYYS! God Bless - Moefv

Thank you very much Moe!

Planning on video taping a new trick I made today. If I find time, Ill edit it and post it tonight. If not, expect it tomorrow! I’m on a creative kick with my tricks right now :wink: thanks for the support everyone! :smile: