Magne Sætran X YoYoStringLab

It’s great to be on team YoYoStringLab! Thanks Matt! ;D It’s was a little cold when I filmed this, so not everything looks as smooth as it could been :confused: Feedback appreciated! :slight_smile:

Nice video!

Oh you are just a TREAT
To watch.
So Smooth.
and such style.
and by Style i mean yoyo
and clothing.
Love the Hair too!

But that super smooth flow.
You have surpassed takahiro Iizuka in my opinion.
the tricks you do are inspired from him, but you made them better

The Movements of your body make the moves look more flashy, and clean
Such Style and Class.
You Sir, are going places

Thanks for putting down the words I couldn’t

Couldn’t have explained it better myself. Amazing video. Keep it up! You have 1 new subscriber!  :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedbacks! ;D They mean a lot! :slight_smile: Be sure to check out my other videos as well! :wink:

Crazy awesome.

Ahhh! Why are you soo good??? You are an inspiration to me!

Thank you! :smiley:

Too smooth man, too smooth.

Tricks were very good. Kinda like the whole atmosphere of the video too. ;D

Yikes, I was kind of kidding about getting nice lighting by filming out in the snow, especially since you’re in Norway, BURRRR! But the results are awesome. This video is both inspiring and fun to watch. Oh, and the lighting is great! :smiley:

  1. This video is boss. You are too good man.
  2. I would rock that jacket in a heartbeat. Stylish

Thanks everyone! :smiley: Anything which could’ve been better? :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and that jacket…lol

Not really… Accept maybe get sponsored by a yoyo company along with yoyostringlab ? :wink:

I can see you on pretty much any team, but mainly C3 and CLYW. I believe that you’ll be on a yoyo company’s team by EYYC.

I don’t know how much smoother that could have been.

Haha, if you PM me, I could send you a link to where I bought it :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile: We’ll see after EYYC :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be on one of them, maybe not :wink:

BUMP :smiley: