Sponge/Foam Yoyo Holder (WARNING, LOTS OF IMAGES)

Okay, I got a $20 voucher to Spinworkx, so i was browsing through the shop. I saw a yoyo case, and then i was thinking. Was there any way to put my yoyos somewhere so that they wouldn’t bump around, get scratched, get disorganized etc. without buying a case??? A few billion ago, i had a shoe box, and i just put all my yoyo stuff in there. I still do.

My end product: http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/2182/dsc00455.jpg

So for the sake of fun, i decided to find some foam or sponge or something soft and squishy to put my yoyos in. I looked around a shopping center, and eventually, i found, a badger chicken wing gargantuan piece of sponge!

I was looking for foam, but i couldn’t find any, and sponge seemed like the same material, so i settled with 2, instead of 1, lumps of it for safety, incase i screwed up on the first time, which i did. Eventually, i bought a 3rd piece for perfection of my 00b3r 1337 0wn4g3 sk1lls!

So my first try was a failure. I had to find out a way to cut a circle in the sponge, and remove that cylinder from the sponge completely, smoothly and nicely, with as little “shrapnel” as possible. My first try, i cut a circle, and tried to remove it by cutting it out from the hole itself, which didn’t work, and it was messy like crud.

My process of making mine:
I started off with cutting a circle about the same size as my yoyo. First, you need to make sure that the thing can hold all the yoyos. I’m using 3, because they fit within my stupid looking sponge.
Make sure that you have a good idea of where you’re gonna cut the holes.

To make the best holder, the yoyos need to fit snugly in the foam. So, you should make a hole smaller than the yoyo. That way, the yoyo won’t be bumping around, and will be in a fixed position while you carry it in your bag. So, as a mold, i used my hitman, the smallest of my yoyos.

Measure the height of the yoyo, put your pen knife to that length. Don’t exceed it, or go too much less than it, so that your yoyo fits snugly in the hole.
Then, cut a circle around the yoyo. It takes practice to get a good, solid circle. Took me 4 wasted circles (2 sponges, i bought another sponge) before i could get nice solid circles.
Trace around the yoyo, try to get slightly more “in” than the yoyo, to get a smaller circle. The smaller the better! But not too small, or you cant squeeze the yo in.

Eventually, after tracing for about 2 mins, you will get something like this:
The depth of the circle is good enough!

Then, cut a slit in the side of the sponge, about the same level as the yoyo. Remember, the depth of the slit should be the depth of the yoyo, because I measured the height to set my pen knife at. Just get a good outline, it doesn’t need to be a big hole. NOT A HOLE! just a slit. A slit in the side, so you know what level to cut at. Don’t cut yet, still got a few steps to follow before doing that.

First, check the length from the edge(the slit you’re gonna cut through), to the end of the circle. http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/8669/dsc00431r.jpg

Make sure its perpendicular to the level, and stab into the slit.

Try to keep slit to minimum size, just a slit. Dont make it a hole. The slit can go as deep as you want into the foam, but dont make it a hole, just a line, not a circle.

Put it into the slit, and wag it back and forth. You are just slicing the circle out, from the inside of the sponge. This way, you get the cleanest slice off the cylinder possible. REMEMBER: You are just slicing the cylinder out of the sponge from the inside, so try to keep the wagging within the cylinder. The slit can be as long as you want, but don’t slice through the sponge, it won’t look very nice. Eventually, when you think that you have sliced the circle, you pull the cylinder out.
Look below:

Yes, there will be a slit in the hole, but that doesn’t do anything. If you kept the knife leveled while slicing the cylinder, it should come out smoothly.

Then, you are done with your first hole! You can put your yoyo inside!
The hole was made for the hitman:
But sponge is stretchy, so it fits the dark magic!
Its better for the dark magic, because the hole is smaller than the yo, so it fits more snugly, and wont fall out that easily.

If you plan to cut more holes: Observe your first hole first. Look at the extract.
Note that the thing curves outwards. That is bad. That means that the hole’s diameter is increasing as the depth increases. Basically that means: The hole is getting bigger as you go in.
That is not a good sign. That means i did a bad job, so the yoyo won’t be so snug, and might be bumping around if it was any bigger. But its not, because i was using a hitman for the mold instead of the dark magic itself!

So, cut more and more holes in the thing, until you’re happy.

This is an ok shape, but its not the best. The best would be a straight shape. Too much cuved inwards would make it harder to stuff the yoyo into.

Oh well, it was only my 7th hole! I’m sure that if i had one more sponge, i would get a better hole!
(Gallery used so far: http://img124.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=dsc00421r.jpg)

Finally, i cut the last hole.
IMHO its a great hole, but it could’ve been better. (Wheres the other hole? I put the cylinder back into the hole ;D! Look closely, you can see the outline of the circle)

I forgot to check the depth and i stabbed into the sponge and hit the table.
See that black hole there?
Oh well not visible from the back of the sponge:
So, from this:
was made into:
You can also add a simple compartment using the same principle as the above:
You can put your strings, bearings, shields etc. in there!

My Working Yoyos:
F.A.S.T. 201, Pulse, Proyo, Velocity, Hitman, Dark Magic.
(Gallery used: http://img124.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=dsc00463.jpg)
Thanks for reading this really long thingymajiggy! Make one, its cool! Even though im not sure what the point is.
(Hehe, Soft copy on microsoft word, there are 1262 words on this thing!)

(Posting in seperate post to prevent confusion)
Anyone gonna make it? Its quite fun, and you can do it if you have nothing better to do. It took me like 1 hour to make the one i was making on this topic.

ITS FUN MAN! Its like so fun to make! Even though its kinda useless and you’re probably gonna throw it away after 5 minutes of keeping your yoyos in it, you have to try it! Maybe if you have square pieces of sponge/foam it would be better…

thats pretty in depth (no pun intended! ;D) nicely dun though! u covered every thing! very good “how to” i may have a go! my dads got a sponge like that for cleaning his car! dont think hed appreciate that though! coming to wash his car and out pops a yoyo lol!
good work dude!

i might try this it looks really kool plus i have no need for case that can hold 20+ yoyos so this will save me sum $$$

That’s awesome! I think I’m gonna make one for myself at home, but I gotta look for sponges.
Thanks for sharing a review/plan. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]


im making one

me too, once i find a sponge though

Make a pouch!!! Lol I pwned all of you. JK JK

Good idea! After i get a piece of cloth or something that is suitable though, i’ll definitely make one!

I’m glad people like it and are actually making them! If you have any easier ways to remove the cylinder, make sure you tell us!

To those who can’t find sponges: I’m sure you can get a car sponge or something at walmart for a dollar or two.

Just remember not to cut yourself with the knife!

I made my case with sponge foam too! Mine has 8 slots tho. Good job, your a better cutter than me. Mine was a catastrophe.


:o Show us some pictures of how big the thingy is! Btw, how did you remove the circle cylinders from the sponge foam? Was it the same method? or did you use a different method?

Hey people, if you actually make this, upload some pictures for us to see! ;D

I’ve heard you can use tin cans with a nice diameter to cit out the holes. Maybe i can cut out stars with a cookie cutter. Would that be a good idea? Anybody mind trying? And I probably won’t make a case until i can fill it with yoyos.

the cookie cutter is a good idea only thing is i see it being a little bit to dull foam really needs somthing sharp to cut it

making one right now ;D

Thats what i wanted to do, but i couldn’t find any cookie cutters lol Stars are even better, just as long as its not too much bigger than the yoyo’s diameter. Stars will help fit more snugly.

But you’re gonna need a cutter/penknife/knife/badger/chicken wing/scissor(not recommended) to cut it out. After you have the star, its just gonna be stuck inside, and you cant pull it out. You pull it out and your gonna ruin the sponge :frowning:

Yay I made it!!! :o ;D

Actually I did very bad job…I have to buy some more :-[

Cool! Show us some pictures man!

Id rather not its to hurtful to the eye…maybe when i do good job though

If you’ve gotten hold of a thinner layer of foam, then it would be possible to cut stars all the way through it, and then place another layer of foam underneath. Then the remains from the cutting won’t end up stuck.