Split the atom

Hey! Wondering if you have tip with “split he atom” any tips for the first “move” ?

Just need to catch the first move and then I think it will ok !!!

With every trick you simply need practice. Also it’s very helpful for me to over exaggerate each motion. Watch the video. Look at the lengths each string are between fingers, look at the different swinging motions of the yoyo. The small details are very important.

Just like WHOT3MAN said, practice is key. Break down the video, listen carefully, and see each motion.

Great tips. The non-throw index finger slides up and forward away from the body creating the momentum needed for the mount.  After you have the mount down it opens up a lot of fun tricks.

I think my strings were too long. I fixed it and success the move !

Nice! Good job and good luck!


I’m very much enjoying learning this trick myself. This website is so great. If any of the experts on hear could offer some pointers on how my split the atom looks in the video here I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I searched hoping for a trick review and comments thread and couldn’t find one. This would be a pretty “trick” sticky.


Wich yoyo do you use

Replay Pro

Responsive ?


Nice! I’m about to transform my dv888 unresponsive

Be ready to wind! I miss the easy snapstarts of my responsive yo-yo. I myself am struggling to bind from a snapstarts.

w00t! You could try unwinding into your bind instead of dropping off.

similar here, with the responsive yoyo I didn’t use a snap start but I was still quick winding it (not sure how you call it but pushing down on the yoyo sends it spinning up and with a responsive yoyo it comes back to you). Now I snap it spins enough that I can get it on a reverse trapeze and wind halfway but not enough to get it to bind and fully wind

can you elaborate on how to do that? I also just learned both split the atom and atomic bomb and I basically dump everything at the end before binding as if from a basic front throw.

I’ll try. At the point where you have completed the forward flips and you have the string wrapped around your TH pointer, flip the yoyo out and over your NTH pointer as the wraps drop off your TH pointer, then let the yoyo continue the loop and go over your middle finger and land on the string. Now you should be ready for an easy bind. Hope that makes sense.

A “rewind” type motion?

yeah, that’s how it feels to me. Often I’ll gain some speed through the “rewind” and catch the bind out in front of me.