split the atom mount

I am learning split the atom, and i am starting with the mount. I am landing the mount, but my yoyo doesn’t spin for very long once in the split bottom mount. I have a dark magic yoyo. Any suggestions? should i lube my yoyo?

Are you hitting your throw hand index finger when you go into the mount? If so, that will decrease the spin time by a good amount. If not, then work on your throw. Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

When you get into the split bottom mount make sure the string isn’t touching the sides or its gonna slow the yoyo down.

You want to make sure the string is centered in the very middle of the yoyo. You don’t want the string rubbing the edge of the gap. Lubing it can help spin time but it will make the yoyo less responsive. If you just got the yoyo, spin times will increase as you break it in. Hope this helps you out. : 8)

dont lube just play.

just my opinion.

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When you get into the mount just keep going. Don’t stop there and think on what to do next. That won’t be enough time to slow the spin or have the string touching the sides.

there is an alternative way to get into it…

1 Put your fingers the same way that you would for a normal SBM so that you have one finger in the middle of the string and one an inch above the yoyo.

2 then move your throw hand (which is an inch above the yoyo) upward until you land the yoyo onto it’s own string, then you have a SBM

heres a visual:

I am learning this with my Pro and I notice that I slow down when I collide with string and/or finger(s).

I have jumped otnto the string perfectly a few times (very rare at this point in my learning process) and the spin is still going solid.

Now I have it lubed with thin oil as well and get great spin times in the 1st place.

Lubing does not increase spin time.

does for me :slight_smile:

i’m learning this with a duncan mosquito, and it’s very hard. by the time i do the step after SBM my yo yo is almost dead. hopefully when my YYJ DM comes in thursday :smiley: i’ll be able to do it? or is it something i’m doin wrong already?

K question time,

When your yoyo stops spinning did it begin tilting on the string before it runs out?

If so you may want to make sure your hands keep the string straight and parallel with the gap and sides of the yoyo, so that the string doesn’t pull the yoyo into a spin. When the string rubs against the side it also rubs on the response system of, say a DM or mosquito, it dramatically slows the spin as well as the tilting mentioned before. Fixing this best comes with practice so it isn’t rubbing on the response as bad.

Personally from what I’ve read and personal experience, this is most likely what is happening.

Also @Jehsee, The Mosquito is rather hard to learn with especially stock,(it is good modded) it’s just so light that I also have trouble doing many tricks past earlier tricks with a stock mosquito.

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ahh okay, it’s a stock mosquito. and that’s what i thought it was, thanks! i don’t feel like i completely suck at this trick now lol

Don’t get me wrong though, when you’re more experienced you should try tricks with it. It might help with smoothness if you can do tricks with tougher to use yoyos.

And TC: Has any of these posts helped? I noticed you haven’t replied yet.

I plan on keeping it, i still like it. it’s just hard to get better with it, ya know?

Try the adjustable gap. When the Dark Magic gap is on it’s tightest setting, it’s barely even playable.