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I’m newer to yo-yoing, and I got a ghost edition dark magic II yoyo for Christmas. While learning tricks, I had replaced my old string with a string that is blue and black. To the question : I’m attempting to learn split the atom, but when I have the yoyo on the string, it spins out in a matter of seconds. How can I fix this? I know it’s not the yoyos fault because I see the tutorial dude keep it on the string for at least 3 times longer than me.

The most likely “fix” is practice. It takes some to get good strong throws that will spin. Another thing to consider is, which bearing are you using, the responsive or unresponsive? The responsive bearing will cut spin times but you won’t have to be able to bind. You should be able to split the atom with either, with enough practice.

I remember when I started I couldn’t understand how people managed to pull off the combos I saw since I would have problems getting enough spin for even simple tricks. Keep throwing and your sleep/spin will improve.

Okay, in addition to that, could someone recommend ways to help improve, or things to do that will help me practice to get better at it, besides doing the trick over and over, cause I keep getting the same result.

Assuming you’re using the thin bearing:

For the solid spin YYJ models, I found that the thin, responsive bearing made the gap too thin for my taste. Even a trapeze was causing a lot of drag. There are better setups for responsive play than solid spin YYJ’s with the thin bearing alone (e.g. for DM2 add a gray shim to the thin bearing with perhaps more lube, or a stock Kickside).

However, with practice you will be able to get a strong enough throw to get through split the atom and it would NOT be wasted time to do so. Or you can learn to use/bind with the wide bearing. Or you can use/lube the wide bearing. Up to you! The DM2 is a great yoyo, have fun!

Now the obvious question comes, how does one improve throws and the way in which one throws?

The obvious answer is… practice. You don’t have “do the same trick over and over” do different tricks. You don’t have to learn things in the order of the YYE tutorials, if you get stuck, try something different… have a “contest” with yourself, see how long you get your yoyo to sleep and still get it to come back, then try to beat your record… be creative, have fun (It’s a toy after all), but just keep throwing. When you’re trying to beat your time, concentrate on throwing it straight so it’s not tilting to one side or the other. Do rock the babies, brain twisters, it doesn’t matter, just throw and you’ll get better.

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You just need to practice your sleeper in big deal everyone has to at some point Yoyo wise.

how long does your yoyo sleep? when you throw a sleeper…

Keep that string in a straight line… my son last year had trouble because his split bottom mount wasn’t straight… meaning that his throw hand would be off to the side and the string dragging on the yoyo…

when i feel down or frustrated about a new trick… i alway’s go back and learn a picture trick cause there are tons of them… and they are fun and usually easy to learn … after that i go back to the other trick

someone post that video that shows how to fix when the yoyo is tilting… it helped my kid out when he was having trouble with split the atom last year