Is there any way to make a good looking Home-made splatter on a Dv888 and a C-13?

Not really, you’d have to pay form someone to do that. Unless you want to risk your own health.


Acid(i think?) and electricity

Ah what about just splattering it?

It depends on what you splatter it with. Most of the stuff will probably smudge off with time. It’s better to send it off to an anodizer.

Do you know what wouldn’t smudge off?

Anodization, which can be a risk to your health as previously stated.

You should get in touch with…




They have been doing some of this lately.

Kumo has done laser engraving, thats very different to anno

Yup, but it is pretty cool so he might want to consider it.

go to a paintball shop and ask if they know anyone they prob will. or if you dont do grinds you can paint or try useing high grade automotive paint and it should work ok in theory but you might wanna ask around

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