adding splash?

Ive seen lots of painting vids out there, and im really inspired to paint my "10 dV888, its stock gray and i was thinking of adding some splash to it. honestly i just wanted to add some black to it. below is a link of what i wanted it to look like. for some odd reason im in love with the black and gray splashed. Im not sure what i should do, i contacted some one that can re anodize it and add black splash for 15 bux, but i can risk sending my yoyo to some one i dont know, or i can just paint it but i really dont want to just add some black paint to it because i know it wont be 100% smooth. But this guy does do custom splash anno for paint ball guns, also there is this company called gruntball, ive hear rice rocket speak of them, but they want 35 bux, i mean the yoyo was only 50, so pretty much im looking to add some splash, here are some of my ideas, does anyone have any better ideas? Thanks guys

i recently bought myself an Aqua DV888 and really want to get some splash on it. But im not much of an artistic type and just plain dont trust myself with adding splash to this mighty yoyo. I still like the look of it now, but as you say it would just be soo cool to have it splashed :frowning:

Gruntbull is pretty much the way to go if you want a really cool splash. The cost is definitely worth the money, you can rest assured that he will not mess your yoyo up and you can be sure he’ll put an amazing splash on your Dv888.

the only thing is after everything is all said and done, with shipping and coloring its gunna be almsot $40, for a $45 yoyo lol, thats the only bummer