Want to Buy a YYF BOSS Blue Splash

Blue splash only. Im absolutely in love with this yoyo. If its in good condition im willing to pay around the standard price. Not buying immediately but ill be getting the finances within the next two or three weeks.

what kind of paint should i use to splash

how… FAIL!!
you dont use paint to splash, its anno.

When I first saw I’m like, sarcasm…? Then I see yours and I’m just thinking you could have been nicer.

I have a Blue Yellow and my friend has the Blue Splash but I don’t think he wants to sell.

I have one, a couple of nicks, hard to notice because of the splash.

LOL Ricky! Your the one who’s yoyo I was talking about! lol! Samad also has one PM him if you want cause he doesn’t like it.


if you want that i have it and i sell it for 70$ with no scratches and free shipping :wink: