add $20 for splash color

Ould you mind to add $20 just to get a splash color yoyo rather than Solid color?
Is the splash color worth to pay for?
Sorry for my bad English

To me the splash color is worth to pay for, but I don’t think that the splash is worth $20 more. In my opinion, the splash should be $10 more, and $20 more for nickel plating or some special editions.

I m thinking about this because why the company are so greed by adding more money to get a splash color yoyo while other sell splash without extra money.
I wanted a valor so much but just now they only have valor in ayame color which ean i have to add extra 20 bucks… If u were me, would u buy it?

I’d wait or look elsewhere

There is a elsewhere where it is ~$5 less. i already picked one up
also got a violet one for ~$95 yet another elsewhere

I just bought a Too Hot with splash color for the $20 premium. It might seem pricey but I think it was totally worth it. It’s a option I would consider for all my future purchases.

Saying that one company doesn’t charge so no one should is asking something for nothing. Some companies have a very low price point where other do not for similar product. No charge for splash anno on a $100+ throw compared to $50- is very different profit margins. You should go get a quote to custom splash anno a yoyo for reference.