Help Picking a Skyline Color

Aqua/Black Acid Wash -VS- Silver W/Blue Splash

I think that the Silver W/Blue Splash looks a little better, but is it worth $10?

Thanks in advance,

I personally like the acid wash. It looks great spinning and is just awesome.

Is it worth $10? Some things just can’t be answered for you, sometimes you have to decide totally for yourself.

Doesn’t sound like it’s worth it to Big cat but it might be to you! If you have the bucks and like it then go for it. Worse case scenario, you will have a nice yoyo in the colorway that makes you the happiest.

Ahh, if your budget is prepared to drop $120 on a yoyo what’s another ten bucks one way or the other.
In my experience if I take my second choice to save a few bucks I feel like I have compromised on what I really wanted. If you really prefer the look of the Special Edition and your wallet won’t snap at ya for spending a little extra, I’d go for it.

No that it helps, but I prefer the blue, raw and black in that order. I know it doesn’t help. The acid washed look just doesn’t do anything for me.

I’ve had trouble with things like this before (ie, better color vs. less money). At least for me, $10 doesn’t make a difference, and I know that if I decided to keep the $10 I’d be kicking myself later for not getting the color I prefer. Hope this helps!

Here’s my take:

You’ve decided on the yoyo, you should get the color you want.

I had a couple of offers for a rare 54 color, which, was a color I could live with, and even in mint condition, the prices both people were asking were the same. But I really wanted the blue. So, despite a deal on BST for that color, I found it in the color I wanted via another BST deal.

As far as new, I had a little issue recently. I wanted an Unleashed in White, but since my client took forever and a day(60 days to be precise), YYE ran out of white between when I started looking and when I placed my order. It was to be part of a blue and white pair and I was going to swap halves. Since white wasn’t going to be available for a while, I ordered a red one to go with the blue.

On other stuff, I’ve held out for the color I wanted. Even if that meant “pay in advance and wait for stuff to come in to secure the purchase”, which the staff at YYE did for me. It only delayed the order about a week, which wasn’t an issue.

So, yeah, $10 isn’t a big deal at the amount you’re spending. Get it in the color you really want. You’ll enjoy it that much more.

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