New Release - YoYoFactory SPLASH 888


Splash 888 yo-yos are here and they are hot!

Check them out:

(Shisaki) #2

I want it but I don’t have enough money :’(

(Jeromy K.) #3

Way more sexy than the YYN ones, way to go Andre :slight_smile: I may have to pick one up…Mabye


this makes my black and yellow splash 888 look so ordinary :frowning:

(Frank W.) #5

Everything comes out when I don’t get paid!!! >:( :’( >:( :’( >:(


there are pretty cool but you have to pay an extra $10 just for the color. they r pretty sweet. :wink:

(system) #7

This run was made specially for yoyoexpert, do not expect to see them in other stores.

(Shisaki) #8

lol everything comes out when I just bought a new yoyo :-\



Happy Throwing! =]

(Jerry) #10

Lol same here this makes my gold edition skyline look like a gold metal zero and its brand new!!!

(system) #11

Thanks Ben for bringing these to us :slight_smile:


Three days too late for me xD I just ordered my YYN splashed one :< The purple aqua splash looks incredible.