splash 888


is this edition really limited? i was checking the yo-yo out on yoyonation and it said “These are limited, so make sure you grab one of these today!” is this true?


well if its on there I guess so,ask yoyofactoryben


i hope they arent i’ve been saving up my money waiting for summer :’(


ya,they arent as hyped as I thought they would be

(Derek) #5

If they are , im pretty glad i got one when they were in stock


I think they are limited so I would grab 1 if i were u… I already have 1 so i dont need to worry… ;D



They are limited. I asked Andre.

(system) #8

BUT new colors are coming exclusive to YoYoExpert in a little over 1 week. Im not going to be modest, they look so pretty :stuck_out_tongue:


can you post some pics?

(system) #10

not the best picture but I hope it gives you an idea :slight_smile:

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I think I just threw up a little :o


Nice theres even splash on the inside! and thanks again for replying to my inquiry ben!


Ive been waiting for a new 888 limited run to intrigue me

my pants just moved

my starry night may have a buddy soon


Whoever gets one… sleep with your eyes open, I want it!