YoYoFactory New Release: DV888 x YoYoExpert

YoYoExpert proudly presents the limited edition DV888 special offer.

Purchase a limited edition DV888 yo-yo (available in black and orange):


And receive a FREE Throw 2008 DVD:



:o :o :o :o I WANT ONE!!!

yoyoexpert, how many will you get. do you think they will last till june? ??? :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, these will FLY off the shelves, probably faster then Splashes.

Are DV888 limited or they will be produced forever?

im pretty sure for ever but there pre release will not be forever. :o

It is not a continuous production. They may reappear in the future but run sizes will be capped they wont be constantly available like 888 and G5.

Does it accept hubstacks?

Im getting one…i need to practice my super speedy ordering skillz :smiley:

you can hub stack them but it is highly recomended not to for they were not ment to be stacked. :o

hmm i may get this but i really love the aqua color.

Limited Quantities - we would be amazed if they lasted till June. :wink:


Im so Buying one! ;D

i’ve been watching the clock tick down, i am so buying one…

Wish I had the money, I’m saving for BAC.

dv888 is an excellent yoyo!
i love my blue one :wink:

I got an orange one! Yahoo!

Just got a black one!

EDIT: haha orange is already sold out!

i could of got an orange or black but I want to get a aqua at BAC.