YoYoFactory New Release: DV888 x YoYoExpert


YoYoExpert proudly presents the limited edition DV888 special offer.


Purchase a limited edition DV888 yo-yo (available in black and orange):


And receive a FREE Throw 2008 DVD:




:o :o :o :o I WANT ONE!!!

(Jamesofyoyo) #3

yoyoexpert, how many will you get. do you think they will last till june? ??? :slight_smile:


I don’t think so, these will FLY off the shelves, probably faster then Splashes.


Are DV888 limited or they will be produced forever?

(Jamesofyoyo) #6

im pretty sure for ever but there pre release will not be forever. :o

(system) #7

It is not a continuous production. They may reappear in the future but run sizes will be capped they wont be constantly available like 888 and G5.

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #8

Does it accept hubstacks?

(Connor) #9

Im getting one…i need to practice my super speedy ordering skillz :smiley:

(Jamesofyoyo) #10

you can hub stack them but it is highly recomended not to for they were not ment to be stacked. :o


hmm i may get this but i really love the aqua color.


Limited Quantities - we would be amazed if they lasted till June. :wink:

(Brandon Jackson) #13



Im so Buying one! ;D

(empirestrings) #15

i’ve been watching the clock tick down, i am so buying one…

(system) #16

Wish I had the money, I’m saving for BAC.


dv888 is an excellent yoyo!
i love my blue one :wink:

(J. Lev) #18

I got an orange one! Yahoo!


Just got a black one!

EDIT: haha orange is already sold out!


i could of got an orange or black but I want to get a aqua at BAC.