DV888 splash.

I was hoping to get a DV888 black with green splash for Christmas and I know my parents haven’t ordered it yet. Did I miss out? Was it a limited edition?

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It might have a limited run, I’m not sure. The Dv888 in gereral, however, is currently dicontinued. :’(

How is it discontinued??? That fast and that much love for its, it suprises me.

They’ve quit production of them for now, but I have faith that they’ll bring them back again! ;D

What are some yoyo’s comparable to the DV888? Just wondering.

Do you mean comparable in price range, or playiblity, or something else?

(Just saying), I love that Dv888 from Spinworkx (Silver Body/Blue Splash)

I know for a fact that the dv888 is not discontinued.

The next restock of Dv888s is currently having the finishing touches added. They will feature an 888 sized pad for the 1st time.

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Thanks! I was sure they were discontinued, but I guess I was wrong.

Shuckes. I loved the Dv888’s old response size. Since the response is gonna be skinnier, does this mean the walls are going to be larger from the response?