Is it true that the Dv888 is limited. On yoyoexpert it says " Don’t miss out as these won’t
last long and will not be immediately restocked by YoYoFactory." Is this true?

keep spinning


Yes, YoYoFactory will not be restocking these on a regular basis. Atleast I think so.

Addment: Goes for all FundaMETALs

We’re not sure on it. They might not be, like Pheenix said, but they are in official production, as other Yo-Yos are.

I checked YoYoNation, and they said the Dv888 is in full production, but I’m still not exactly sure on it.

The Dv888 Pre-Release Large Logo Edition, however, was only avalible for a limited time, so on that, I am sure that those are out, and if you want one, they’ll probably be in the B/S/T section.

I guess it depends on what site you order from. ;D

I don’t think many would have it because they came out about 1.5 months ago, and they were limited pre-releases. Be lucky if you do! :wink:

You are correct.

Thanks - not sure on the hard coat.

I think those were limited also, but I think there were other hard coat editions.

If not, YoYoFactory should make a red Hard Coat Edition.

But again - there’s the red DXL Dv888.