Limited Edition Yoyos


I’m looking forward to buy some limited edition yoyos. Especially YYF 888 and maybe California too.

It seems all of them are out of stock. I couldn’t find any. How often are these getting sold? Is there any way that I can learn when they’re available for selling on for example yoyonation or somewhere else?

I would really like to get a 888 limited edition very much. Yuuki’s Quake looks very cool but there’s no any one left at any store.


Do you want to buy yo-yo from american shops?

the reason why all the 888’s are out of stock, is because the original and the VERY limited edition ones where discontinued over a year ago.
now all the 888s you can buy are the 09 888s, which will be he LAST run from yoyofactory, you can onlt get originals now from BST’s

It doesn’t matter from where I buy. I can buy it where ever it is available.

Thanks for your reply.

here is a british shop where the 09 888’s are in stock:
Or American yyn:

Thats all i can find

Thank god Andre lets us advertise shops, or we would be getting nowhrere

Yeah thank you for the links. I’ve been looking to all of those sites since a couple of days but I couldn’t find what I like. I have a deep red 888 09 edition. And it’s really the most smooth yoyo I have ever played.

A couple of days ago Yoyonation was nearly out of stock for 888 yoyos. But they have restocked. That’s why I’m thinking that there might be some unsold limited 888 yoyos too but I might be wrong too.

I’m still looking around. Thank you guys for help.