Are Mighty Flea's going to restock?

Are they? Cause I really want to buy one, but I still need about $25 and its gonna be a month before I get it, so I was just wondering.

Yes - André just ordered more YoYoFactory yoyos, so they will probably arrive soon.

Thanks. But are you sure? Cause I was just looking at my YYF catalog, and it said they were a limited release.

Mighty Flea will not be restocking this week, but when they do, expect a couple of little changes to make them even better.

Ben! Now at YYE! Yes!

What I love about this place - no arguments. Even if any of you guys do get in an argument with Ben - You won’t win :wink:
Also, I can’t wait for my 888 :smiley:


Please please please get more 888’s shipped. I love your yoyo’s but I can never find any in stock :slight_smile:

YYF ad YYE Rock!!! ;D :smiley:

YoYoExpert is about to restock:

  • Superstar in 4 new colors
  • DNA also in 4 colors
  • next week, 888 will be back in stock also :smiley:

how did you get that.
P.S. I know that stores are supposed to have them but did you get yours at a contest?

Well, I was getting some string from this site, so my friend that I got into yoyoing gave me money and asked me to order a Velocity for him. So when I got the YYF yoyo, it came with the catalog. I gave him the yoyo, but kept the catalog :slight_smile:

I thought it was something like that. hmmm, maybe I will buy a YoYofactory yo-yo for fun. Since my first yo was a F.A.S.T. 201.

Ahhh :slight_smile: That was the sweetest post I’ve read for a while yyfben. I’ve been dying to get a new 888. You guys rock, keep up the good work !!

this place is getting DNA’s

coolest thing ever I should have waited but I like the pre-production even then I still might get an 888

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