Mighty Flea discontinued?

Every yoyo store online says they are out of stock. Does this mean they are discontinued?

to my knowledge they are discontinued.

I don’t know if they are discontinued or not, but I found a place online claiming to have them in stock.

I’m debating ordering one and some strings for it just in case…

If anyone wants the link, go ahead and PM me.

For the time being, I get all my advice from here and have done my purchases here at YoYoExpert. I’m pleased with the people running things around here and the excellent customer service. Their prices are inline with everyone elses, so I’m shopping where the value-add has been for me so far, which has been right here.

bobs bait and tackle…hehe…ill have to start saying that in public ;D

He got it wrong. It’s BillyBob’s

yeah, they’re sadly discontinued. You can see them floating around the b/s/t sometimes though, for around $40-50.

I just got notice from that place. They said, and I paraphrase(because I have email on another computer):

It’s in stock and it’s shipping today.

(Yeah, I went and ordered one!)

Disclaimer: Not really a review.

Not that anyone really cares, but today, in the mail, arrived a Mighty Flea.

It comes in a plastic container similar to those ones at those coin-operated toy machines(except bigger), and inside that in a rather not so nice black bag that’s shedding the coating. The yoyo is inside on a plastic tab with the string not attached.

Got no issue with the string not on the yoyo when it arrives.

Size: I placed a quarter on it. It’s just SLIGHTLY larger in diameter than a quarter. Weight? Feels heavy for its size, but we’re talking a fair bit of weight in a small amount of space.

I ordered plenty of strings for it, and when I place my next order at YYE towards the end of this month, I’ll stock up on other maintenance items for the Mighty Flea so I should ideally never have to worry about it.

Well, I wanted one, now I have it. Now I’m even more motivated to learn that bind return so I can bring this yoyo back to my hand.

So, if anyone wants to PM me for that location, I’ll let you know so you can contact them first to see if it’s still in stock. But, in general, I’m still strongly recommending YYE for all your yoyo needs. I’m just a satisfied YYE customer.

In my opinion the Aoda Littles or ILYY ST.EEL is a much better choice. Both use standard string (not that specially made string for the mightflea) and carry an A size bearing. Both play like a full sized throw. I had no issues doing all the tricks I know (except for eli hops) on either.

Well, thanks for bringing that up. I might have to check those out as well.

No problem. If you want a link let me know. They are only 15$ and constructed in steel. I thought the Littles would be cheaply made but it is not in the least. Shipping takes a while though.

Yes, if you wouldn’t mind sending me that via a PM since it’s not a model or brand that is currently offered through this site. I will also send you a PM as well.


For that kind of price, that’s not bad.

Mighty Flea is not discontinued, just seasonally produced on a limited basis.

It will be restocked in the fall.

Well, that makes me feel even better about getting one. Saying stuff like that definitely tells me I won’t have to worry about availability of spare parts and that it intends to be supported for a while.

Not to be nosy, but why only in limited quantities and “seasonally”?

Mighty Flea, like the Buddha Kings and the Catch 22 were special projects we did to introduce something new and special to the yo-yo world. We only have the capacity to make so many yo-yos, so we take time mixing it up. This years special projects will include the LEGEND (one piece wooden yo-yo) and a very interesting take on one of the oldest forms of yo-yo ever released, with a very modern twist.

That sounds pretty cool. Can’t wait to see it!

Hmmm… A Wooden YYF yoyo with a modern twist… Wooden with Hubstacks? A C Size Bearing? A Silicone Responce?

I hope so. I would love a classic rounded butterfly shaped yoyo with a C bearing and silicone response.

But Ben said One Piece. So I imagine it’s going to be some sort of looping yoyo.

I guess its my opinion, but i hate the thing. I played with my friends a good amount of time, and i could barely get it back to my hand :stuck_out_tongue: