anyone have a mighty flea

Did they stop making mighty fleas? If they did tell me i might be interested in buying one but i dont know if i should wait and see if yoyoexpert gets more. Or should i buy one from someone

I’m pretty sure they stopped making them, my best bet on getting one is bst or seeing if another website has one in stock.

I think YYF Ben said there would be more last Fall. Sorry, I didn’t check to see if he actually did that, or if I was mistaken and it was fall 2011. Again, I didn’t check the either.

I already have one. Very difficult for me to use. Can’t wait to improve so I can use it. I can’t say if they are really worth getting or not, but either way I’m glad I have one.

A kid at our Yoyo club plays with one and boy is it small! It’s really a novelty throw smooth but really it’s just for fun and being more precise.

I have one, it’s fun, but not half as good as my capless, which costs less. Get a capless instead.

The 2010 Mighty flea was the same price.

The G5 and Mighty Flea are coming back in 2013 sometime.

It’s meant to be fun, not for performance…I love mine. Come on, you can’t compare it to a capless. Or most yoyos, for that matter.

I’m pretty sure you can still find the Aoda Littles some places from china. AND it has an a size bearing and good response. No need for exclusive parts

It’s smaller than a it’s tiny.