Are you getting a new yoyo this week


I just ordered my mighty flea and I can’t wait for it to come this week. Is anyone else excited to get their package this week? If so what is it?


I have nothing coming in this week. I will be placing an order on August 1st that will include a YYF SuperStar. However, where I place that order is entirely up to where I get the best price. I also need some Fiesta XX’s and some bearings. Again, price. A juggling store has some other items I want to get, such as a diabolo and some juggling balls or bean bags, I forget which(balls or beanbags).

Also, I’ve already ordered a LOT this month(july), so I don’t need more coming in right this second.

I already have a Mighty Flea. I hope you enjoy yours. It’s a challenging one, that’s for sure. It’s definitely worth getting excited over!


just got a brokenyoyos sumo today

legit yoyo


I dunno, there’s already a couple of threads similar to this. I am waiting for a black CLYW kendama and some Higby painted fhz caps and og Fiesta in the mail.


I have a TenYoyo Dropbear on the way.


Awesome. I really want to pick up a Flea, but I just talked myself into buying a Rally…  :-\

On a side note, this thread kind of exists already, eh?,15340.0.html