YoYoRecreation splash?

YYR has always had solid colors. They were slick, simple, and cool. Now they’ve started doing some splash colors on their newer runs. What’s your opinion? Do you like the splash? Or should they stick to solid colorways?





I dont think it’s a bad move. I would say it’s more speckle then splash though. They look pretty nice imo

Looks pretty sweet.

I don’t like them…
But when can I buy one?

Some are available at YYSR now. Just can’t justify the $205 price…

They look okay. I’ve never tried a YYR but I’ve always wanted to. I think the solid colors look a lot cooler.

And I don’t really like those colors that they used. The speckles they put on the red just don’t look good on it I think. I do like the purple on white though.

Flat is where it’s at

For such a premium throw, I personally prefer solid colors. After all, YYRs are used for performance and Kengo stresses that a lot on the throws he makes. It’s not an expensive paperweight. Or what the call in the tuner car community, a ‘garage queen’ [you get my point]

But as long as yoyorecreation doesn’t overdo their speckle/splash, I’m good. From what I can see the speckles are subtle enough.

Again, it’s just me…but for yoyorecreation, I like solid colors.

I like the solid colors better than the splashes in this thread, but the white one is pretty cool.

I don’t like the splash.

The solid colors look very classy on YYR and I want classy when spending almost 200$ on a yoyo. Adding splash colors to their yoyos just seems to me like they’re trying to mimic other companies. When you have a reputation for being such a high end manufacturer maybe other companies should be copying you.


Gold YYRs are just so damn sexy…

I love my splash yoyos but yoyorecreation throws are solid colored, not splash. As much as I want a sleipnir, I will not be buying a splash one.