will they come out with a splash/acid wash chik?


Hey guys, I was looking at the chik and realized they only have solid colors, will they ever come out with a splash edition? Its not a big deal, just most yoyos have a splash or acid or something to em.


I predict that there will be special colorways later in the game, like the Chief: first run was solid. I say, solid colors are underrated. There is something to be appreciated in a monotized solid look.


Solid colors are cool, but I like the way splashes look, especially while spinning, some look awesome.


Splashes will always be better than solids.

Here comes the solid color fanboy hipsters.


What’s been up with you lately? You’ve been becoming less and less of a quality poster. You keep stating your opinions as facts.


I agree.

But, at the same time, I still prefer solids. That’s just my preference.


Plus there like $20 cheaper… They look sooo cool. Lol, one time I saw a radio station for SiriusXM named “studio 54” and I was like “wait, is that studio 54’s station!” then I remembered its studio42…


A few splashes are en route to YYE as we speak.

I prefer solids, but I can’t deny the splashes lately have been looking pretty darn nice.


lol is this a serious question? Every single OD release is solids first and splashes a few weeks later.

Also this…


That is one of the best looking YYE editions I’ve ever seen! Even better than my Code 1!


Sarcasm bro. Sarcasm.

I thought the white text would be enough to show the sarcastic manner of my post. Chill.


Since the chik is $88, how much will the splash be? Like $100? $108?


I love some of the SPYY acid washes, but solid colors will always be my preference. To be honest, a lot of the splashes coming out recently have been a little too “spin art” for my tastes. Very vibrant colors, but the busy splashes aren’t working for me. Most turn to mud when the yoyo is spinning anyway. Only a few have been fun to see spinning.


Yah, I agree… Some look terrible while spinning, like my supernova looks really weird.


They will most likely come out with splashed just like with the summit they started with solids and now they have a lot of splashes too


In my experience, immediately after I buy a solid.



That bottom right. :o


Yah, that ones nice. But I usually go for white throws, top right, bottom left. I like the bottom left.


Splash > solids. My Attune spinning, probably my favorite splash: http://distilleryvesper5-17.ak.instagram.com/04c9e110da9011e2822f22000a9f09ca_101.mp4

Although a nice vibrant solid can be ok, it’s just that most solids by OD tend to be fairly flat because of the pyramatte finish.