I want to know if you can splash a yoyo. If can. How?

By annodizing it. Or by painting it yourself, but its not as recommended.

what yoyo? paint works fine for stuff like clear fhz’s but not that good on metals unless you have an automotive style spray gun setup. getting a metal custom anodized can be a bit pricey so if you decide to do it get a yoyo that you love and will never get rid of and get that anodized

my DM

well i dont know if they make clear dm’s but if you can find one get that and paint it or you wont get very good results

if you throw it in water hard enough it should splash

This post ususeless. Please try to make all your posts have a porpose, thanks!

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The occasional joke never hurt anyone. If you want this board to be dull and stuck up then thats how to do it. Make everyone do nothing but answer questions.

I thought that post was quite funny.

I supose you’re right, but I feel it was spam either way.

haha its too funny
you can paint it or dye it

next time try using the search button

Have you never posted anything like that ever? I have a bunch. Mostly to lighten the mood in the thread.


I agree. I do it all the time, and he never yells at me. I think hes just being biased.

Well I guess I failed then.

Sorry guys.

Well then go to your room and think about what you did!