Check this mod out(kyo Dns and dv888)

This is my kyo dns which was de-anoed and i satin it and then my dad got me some black and silver cans of car grade paint so i modded it out lol then some splash 10 hours later.If  you have an beater or a yoyo that is in need of a paint job and not want to spend 60  dollars on a ano job or paint.Pm me for 25 shipped i can do the same mod but you chose colors. …Here are some of my modds.

Modded dv888 for Carlg1

Modded kyo dns

one question… how does it grind?

Does it matter?

I think it is cool.

patcon stamp of approval

thank u for 25 dollars i can do it to any yoyo

Nice bro! Looks very well!

just wondering, what kind of paint did you use? I know you said your dad got you some car grade paint, but do you know the brand? I wanna try this out on my 888 :slight_smile:

its audi brand. I saw the paint for my self on saturday.

Awesome, thanks. I’ll try to get my hands on some and post the results

It comes in a can but have to work for them to get that can cause my dad is a tech for german cars but you can buy it in any store at least not that quality i would be happy to paint it for you for 25 dollars you can aslo pay me in yoyos