DV888 paint/mod?

so i have my black and grey Dv888 that i was thinking about modding or painting or both. Any suggestions? as of right now its completely stock. I DONT WANT STACKS. Thanks

How about a smoking hot powder coat job? Got a couple new one’s in that I’m just dying to try out.

Well i was thinking about doing it all white. i really liked the look of the RecRev sharps paint. What types of paint and things like that.

White mirror gloss powder coat.

So white that snow gets jealous.

How would that bevapplied? Will I need to remove the current paint?

Yes. Bare metal.

What do I do to remove paint. And what do I do to apply the paint because a brush would not be a good choice

If your talking about the anodizing that is on your yoyo there are several ways to remove it. The first I will not mention due to the danger of it. Have it blasted off or sand it off are your other two options.

If your asking me about “painting” a yoyo you should be asking someone else. I have painted yoyos and they have turned out just fine. But when I say “powder coating” I mean a statically chared epoxy that is baked on. No brushing involved.

Which I do.