Need A Custom Ano/ Powder 3 Color Splash

I have cash and yoyos, I need someone to custom powder/ano a trinity. I need a 3 color splash, I need Black, White, Red.


If/when people have a reply, they’re usually more than willing to oblige.

PM Mullicabob I think custom powder coats start at $29 Idk if he can do splash tho.

Certainly not $29. Red and white splash over black is no problem.

I am not taking any more orders.


neither is Jason. I’m screwed

just google anodizing services

that’d be more expensive,…

Price really doesn’t matter if no one here is doing it, does it?

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How bout spotted Banana

Mmmmm probably not.

is he still doing orders?

Last I heard SHE’s not.

it’s she not he??? And isn’t spotted banana Jason Wongs girlfriend?

Oh and look right below this thread a guy is now do ano

oh. My mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

England1414 has started taking jobs a few boards underneath this one.

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I know

I think Jason Wong is above that age… Maybe not.

But where did you hear or get the idea?

England1414 Anodizing 2013!!!

Case closed…

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