Simply Custom Ano


Hey, so i have a chief, but i don’t care for the colorway and would love to get a simple all black ano job on it. Is there any trusted people on here who currently do jobs? if so how much would it cost?


SpottedBanana does custom ano jobs, another option is to get it powdercoated by Mullicabob.


Btw a pc from bob is 23 for black i think. And off topic i wan’t to see if this glows

:Edit wow that was lame. :frowning:


Is that including stripping the current ano? and what did you expect? its green… :stuck_out_tongue:


Bumping this thread in hope of more information regarding people who still currently do Ano.


Yes, and if you can get all the anno off i know a company that does anno.


Jason Wong is one of the best anodizers out there, but he’s not taking jobs anymore. His gf Alice (SpottedBanana) used to do ano work, but she’s done too.

You could contact Aman Sircus. He’s the owner of Rebel YoYos and Aurora Custom Anodizing. I’m sure you could work out something with him :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s his fb:

Gruntbull anodizes, but for small custom orders, it’s pretty expensive.


Thanks, ill look into Aman. Any idea how much he would charge for a single job?


No idea. But he does some pretty crazy work.
He ano’d some of the Majestys for Ernie:]

And he anos all his own yoyos:]


I really want to get a faux bois ano :frowning: