Anyone know a good anodizer???

hey all! I have a tp positron and wanted to get it custom anodized. The only place that I found was gruntbull but their prices on their website are pretty hefty. I want someone to do it that I know i can trust with a $200 throw. All help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks :wink:

Slim to none you find anyone cheap that knows what they are doing. There just aren’t many people doing Ano out there right now. They all burnt out or decided to stop taking personal orders.

You could try shooting Jason Wong a message.


Alright thanks man. I might just have to learn to do it myself… NOT!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought jason wasnt doin custom orders… or thats what his sig says. ???

You might be right. Haven’t looked at his sig in a while.


Gruntbull does anno.

He said he is pricey.

Have mullicabob powder coat it, have you seen his flat anos? They look sick!

personally would avoid PC because it’s prone to cause vibe

Talk with Aman Sircus

He does awesome custom ano work

Talk to mullicabob about his flat ano. He is really talented at what he does. Anodizing can be costly if not done in bulk(learned that first-hand)

All right thank yall very much. I think Im just gonna save up some cash and try gruntbull. Thanks again. :wink:

Have you tried spottedbanana. Is she still doing custom ano jobs?

Check out Mullicbob, about 13 to 20 bucks,

She is not doing custom ano jobs either more and neither is Jason Wong. I know that Englad1414 does custom ano jobs and I’ve seen some of his work, it’s really nice! I’m not sure of his prices, but he does great work, try sending him a message.

try aman

Gruntbull actually isn’t expensive.

Ya i have heard that but the last time i checked their website i thought it was like $50+ for a simple ano job but im gonna check again.