dm2 black spade eition paint

ive kinda you know crashed my yoyo against other things ykow it happns a lot when u do new tricks and the paint is kinda going out so i wanted yto know what paint i should use to repaint the scrathces its a dm2 blakc spade edition;attach=9220;type=avatar

Is it even paint? Or is it anodization?

Anyways, before you paint it, I would suggest stripping the paint/ano/whatever it is first.

Someone else should probably tell you the rest since I’m not a very good modder.

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If you are talking about the caps, it is paint, or something along those lines, if you are talking about the rims, it is anodization.

So, there isnt much of a way i could anodize it its just little scratches not repainting th yoyo again (and yes i meant the rims)

Don’t bother. You cant patch up anodize. The only way to do it is to strip it and re anodize it, but tat would destroy the plastic.