Getting ready to Anodize in spring again! Look inside!

Hey everyone, im getting back into anodizing as winter winds down and the temperature rises. I already know how to properly splash/drizzle/acidwash anodize and stuff but do any of you fellow anodizers have tips that helped you get better results? I appreciate any help! Thanks! O0 O0 O0 Pics of my ano jobs are here >>> Also PM me if yourt interested in getting a y-yo anodized, i can also strip yo-yos and satin them if ya want

maybe in a few weeks i could get a fade on my Dv888? IDK what type of colors yet. I havent put thought into it yet.

i have a gray dv888, id love to get a splash of black on it? PM me in intrested plz

Hey England i send you something in your Youtube account, something about your latest Vlog please do answer back. Thanks