spirt bomb


Can’t get the second pop in spirt bomb. can someone please help?


I’m still stuck on the second pop too.


Practice. A lot. seriously. hours. of. nothing. but. spirit. bomb. I am SERIOUS! practice a lot.It took me days to get the second pop and days more to get the dismount. just practice a TON!!


I think the hardest part is getting the yoyo to pass through the triangle opening on its way down to landing on the string. I find it helps to focus on opening up that triangle as wide as you can as much as you focus on where the yoyo is going. If it is hard to focus on both things at once, try focusing only on opening up the triangle for a few tries (and not caring about where the yoyo lands), and then focus on popping the yoyo up and landing it in the right area for a few tries (not caring about whether it passes through the triangle). If you can get each part down on its own, then it should be easier to combine them and get an opening that is wide enough to land in easily, while still making sure the yoyo lands in the right spot.

One thing I have found helps is to pop the yoyo fairly high for the second pop. It seems counter-intuitive in that usually pops seem easier to land the lower they stay above the string, but popping the yoyo higher gives you more time to open up that triangle and then switch focus to landing the yoyo properly.


:slight_smile: okay thanks everyone for the help let you know if i get it.