Spirit Bomb


Ok, so I finally feel that Im ready to tackle spirit bomb. Ive been workingonit about a week and have the first pop down over 75% ofthe time. But, Ive never landed the 2nd pop… At all… Never… Ive literally landed on every other string on the 2nd pop instead of the right one… Any tips?


Ugh…I have the same problem. I can do the first pop with ease and it’s been like that for a couple months but I have never EVER been able to get the second pop. I REALLY want to get this trick down because it is on the sports ladder which I will be competing in at Worlds this year. HELP ME!!! BTW If you are participating in sports ladder at Worlds this year check out my thread called “Sports Ladder Competitors @ WYYC 2013”.


Just keep at. All you can do is keep throwing and then all of a sudden bam you will get it. It’s a hard hop but so much fun when you get it. Good luck!!!



I was doing the second hop all wrong, but then I rewatched the YoTricks tutorial and I just landed it!


I landed it a few days ago… Havent landed it since :stuck_out_tongue:


Ditto, I landed it yesterday and now I can’t do it again.


Did Spirit Bomb get its name from Dragon Ball Z ?


Its just like an underpass with your freehand except it jumps as your freehand goes under.


Practice, or honestly skip it. No reason to learn it imo. It doesn’t look good and isn’t a particularly fun or compelling trick, so no need to worry about it.


I was pretty lucky… after watching tons of tutorials for this tricks before I tried it… got it on first try a week ago… could now get it 50% of the time


Different strokes! It’s my favourite trick. If they’re learning it, they may have found it compelling, too. :wink:

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Here is my tut on how to land Spirit bomb if its helpful.