Spirit Bomb


In Spirit Bomb I can’t land the first pop. My yoyo bump with my hand and stop spinning and tangles. Do I need a smaller yoyo?


How long have you been trying to do the trick? It takes some time and practice to do. You shouldn’t need a smaller yoyo.


Try it with a longer string. :wink:


Make sure you pop the yo yo into the top string.


After getting into the wrist mount and after your NTH pointer finger goes under the yoyo, use your NTH pointer finger to adjust the string segments. Try simply raising your NTH pointer up and you’ll make the segment you’re popping onto longer. It should pop and hit that one string instead of tangling with others.

Eventually you’ll be able to adjust it on the fly. Don’t get a smaller yoyo, don’t get a smaller string. Just practice. :slight_smile:


Yey! I finally got the first pop! THANKS! But i cant do the second pop:( I need help!!!


If you know how to do kwyjibo, the 2nd pop in that is the same as the 2nd pop in spirit bomb. If you don’t know it, learn that first. It makes spirit bomb easier.