Spirit Bomb to Magic Trick, it "can" be done ;)

First off, I’m pumped…why? I managed to successfully land Spirit Bomb on a practice session earlier, and have been landing this 80% of the time now.

So here’s the fine print of this actually being able to be done. Upon my practice and recording sessions, I had accidentally landed Spirit Bomb the way I used to land it, missing one of the strings on that second hop…which was killing me previously. But, as I found out, this mistake actually opened up a door for a cool way to finish the trick. We will call this a “modified Spirit Bomb” or a “Pseudo Spirit Bomb” since it isn’t quite how the real thing works :slight_smile:

Normally with a Spirit Bomb done properly, you get an extra wrap in the string that renders Magic Trick impossible to do, which is a fun way to dismount from the wrist mount as many of you know. Magic Trick has also become one of my favorite tricks as of recent. In light of Heero’s “Magic Trick Help” thread, I decided to throw this clip together. I know it’s probably not the greatest tutorial but kind of shows you what’s going on here. This assumes that you already know Spirit Bomb and also know Magic Trick.


Awesome. Did you actually put in the music from the telescope room in Majora’s Mask? Dude you’re the man.


I was just about to say! So good, all around.

Dude, nice. This made me want to learn spirit bomb

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