Just landed a spirit bomb after only 3 weeks of yoyoing


I FEEL AMAZING!! I did it. I’ve been obsessed with this trick for the past week. 7 days ago I was thinking things like that’s beyond my skill I’ve only been playing for almost 3 weeks total, I can’t even land a kwijibo or skin t gerbil. I started watching tutorials on how to do the trick from all sources. I’ve definitely studied videos of it for at least an hour.

I began with working on my wrist mount. I couldn’t even dismount it at first. I thought “this is crazy”. Back to the tutorials. Turns out I was only pushing in to one string instead of both to dismount. Nice. I felt way more motivated and started the first jump of Spirit Bomb. A bit difficult but not that bad, got it 50% of the time after around 40 minutes of practice (I hit it pretty much every time now). And after I did that I tried the second part. Horrible. I was doing it all wrong at first. It took me a long time and a lot of slow motion viewing of it to see what was going on. I was more or less just flopping the yoyo over my hand instead of poping it up. I began to pop it up properly but my triangle wasn’t forming the way it should. I then realized everything comes together by pushing the non throw hand index in to that mess of string.

I was almost getting it. I missed or landed on the wrong part of string. Eventually I was hitting the triangle quite a bit. That was the problem though. I was hitting the string causing my yoyo to turn or I would get thru the triangle and miss the target string. Then it happened. I landed it. I wasn’t satisfied though. My yoyo had touched the side of the triangle a bit, I wanted to NAIL this trick. I wanted a clean landing. I landed it as I previously described about 25 times before.

Something happened before I landed it. I got into a trance like state, I wasn’t really thinking about anything. I was just listening to the gentle raindrops outside my living room window, listening to the whisper of the yoyo spinning. I was tired. I had gotten home from work at 4am and this took place at about 630am. I entered the mount. I went through the motions. I hopped, forming a triangle of the size I haven’t formed yet. Landed clean through on that target string. Awesome. I snapped back to my conscious mind from my ambient focus. I wasn’t done yet though. I wasn’t going to mess up the dismount, and I did a clean dismount and solid bind.

After well over 1000 attempts I did it. Goal accomplished. I tried doing a few other tricks after and it was astonishing. My technique was way better. I landed skin the gerbil fluently which I hadn’t been able to before. Kwijibo, bam, landed. I understand the yoyo way better now.

I have some very special thanks to acknowledge:
-Jeff Longoria for inventing the trick
-Doctor Popular for inspiring me to start yoyo
-André Boulay for making the first well done series of tutorials
-Dragon Ball Z, I wouldn’t have ever learned this trick if it were called wrist mount triangle jumping trick
-the entire community of YoyoExpert for opening my eyes to the yoyo community
-CLYW, for making the wooly marmot 2, I think it would’ve took me a lot longer with a different yoyo
-Mr Haponik for his philosophical views of the yoyo which have improved my life overall
-Anybody else I forgot to mention

P.s. Snap start made this trick take a lot less time, as well as removing the slipknot to undo knots.

Sorry for the wall of text.


Congratulations, you’re now on my dislike list :wink: I’ve been throwing on and off for 18 years and I still can’t land Spirit Bomb consistently…stupid triangle in the last hop is never big enough no matter what I try, even with every video known to man, countless yo-yos and attempts and even GregP making a special POV video for me. Still can’t get it.


Andre wasn’t the first person to make good yoyo tutorials… check out Sector-Y.

Spirit Bomb is definitely a landmark, Superman should be next!


I’m nowhere near consistent in landing it yet, that will probably take thousands of tries haha.

I haven’t even able to find the sector y tutorials although I’ve heard of them.


I never able to hit that trick, only landed once and never really try it again.
I’m not good with practice though.

Congrats man, that thing on 3 weeks may result a champ… :o



1999-2003 tab on Sector-Y.com


We owe much to Gabe and the early pioneers of yoyo trick illustrations and video. I learned everything in the early days from those images.