Magic trick help

So I’ve got Magic trick down, or so I thought. After learning spirit bomb, I went to do spirit bomb to Magic trick. When I let go of the string on my throw hand, it didn’t go back into a trapeze. I went back to relearn it and noticed when I hop off the string and back on, I’m hopping in and out of a triangle. Not the way it looked on Ann connollys tutorial. Am I doing something wrong? When I do Magic trick straight from a throw, it always ends up in a trapeze, even though I hop in and out of the triangle. Is it the extra twist that spirit bomb creates in the wrist mount?

If you’re trying to do Magic after Spirit Bomb, there’s that extra wrap that makes it not possible to end it with Magic Trick unfortunately. I literally just tried after typing my first sentence :slight_smile:

But…you could always “Cheese Whip” from your trapeze you’ll be, back into a wrist mount so you can do Magic Trick.

Here’s a clip of me just doing the Cheese Whip Magic Trick combo in case you’re curious

And not exactly intended to be a tutorial, must me documenting my progress but here’s a slow-mo of Cheese Whip alone (please don’t mind my lazy dismount from wrist mount :slight_smile: )

That’s what I figured. Really too bad. Spirit bomb to Magic trick would have been awesome. But so we’re clear, you jump out of the triangle and back in with Magic trick Correct? and I have been doing cheese whip to Magic trick. Nice little touch

Now, I did realize I actually did a pseudo spirit bomb by not landing though that triangle and onto that bottom string, making SB a repeater or from there going into Magic Trick, since you don’t have that extra wrap.

(I’ve been using Instagram as well for documenting my progress)

Do magic trick, to cheese whip. From your now wrist mount do spirit bomb. Trick success.

wow… I feel stupid now…