Spirit Bomb Help

hey do you know a yoyo shop or somthing that teach people how to yoyo in virginia??? im in advanced above beginner a little i know a little bit of tricks but i still need a teachea.

I don’t think you can find any yoyo classes in Virginia. Just wait a couple of months for Virginia states.

Seems like you need a “teachea” to teach you how to spell teacher the proper way. :stuck_out_tongue: JK JK!

Anyway, I don’t think there are any near Virginia, but why not learn from our learn section?

That’s Mr. André Boulay teaching, he is the owner of the site.
His tutorials are some of the best around.

lol and i know but i would think it would be better if someone was there to tell me wat im doin wrong and stuff.

Keep an eye out here.
club leaders update it every once in a while

Were all here to help you, is there a specific trick you need help on?

I can probably help you out.

no nothin specific just some fancy tricks.

Try to learn from the Learn Section, and if you’re stuck on a trick, just ask us.

well… on the bucket drop or wat ever, my yoyo grabs the middle string and one of the others on the side.

Try to bring the yoyo up close to your hand, that helped me.

ok i will try that, but i can now because my string is all knoted up and i ordered on to days ago and i think it will be here today!

this thread has nothing to do with help for spirit bomb… but i need help with the second “pop” as andre says… I thought i had it… but i cant figure out how to make the second triangle by putting my hand under… something something uh… oh yeah and when i land the second pop, im no longer in a regular wrist mount.

Im in the same boat I can get the first pop pretty much every time but going back to the first mount the yoyo always ends up on top of all the strings or missing everything I know the yoyo is susposed to go through a open section that looks like drop in the bucket which happens but I just cant get the yoyo to land on the string on the bottom