spirit bomb help

I can do everything BUT the 2nd pop. The triangle it has to land in is always too small and the yoyo goes past it.

One thing that helped me greatly on the 2nd pop was to try not to pop it very high at all. For me, the less high the pop the bigger the triangle.

I can’t get the first pop, what strings should it hit and how can I keep it from hitting my hands?

Zero: Try to put the wrist mount as close to your arm, and the string as far from your finger as possible. Apetrunk is right, don’t pop too high, this stretches the wrist mount, and makes it smaller triangled.

Mongoriller: Pop before you switch your hands. You’re probably rushing, and switching your hands immediately after you pop.

Mongoriller: André shows in the video for it that before you do the double on part (right before the first pop) you can get into the position that comes after the pop. Do this so you can see how the strings are. He shows it at about 40 seconds into the 2nd video for it.