Spirit Bomb Attempts

Here is a short video of my attempts on the spirit bomb trick. I’ve been yo-yoing for about 3 months now and have been working on this for over a week. Although I may not be able to do it every time, I have only landed the entire trick a couple of times. Most of the time I try it looks like this. I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s tips, and help, and point out what I’m doing wrong, what I’m doing right… ECT, I could really use everyone’s help here guys. Thank you.
P.S. The video quality may not be great, I had to record using my cellphone as I don’t have an actual camera/camcorder.


On the 2nd hop you are moving your non throwhand too fast causing the yoyo to immediately shoot down.

You just need to be a little more relaxed when you catch it.

Pretty close to finishing it from the quick glance I had of you working on it.

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Thank you, finally some advice. :slight_smile: lol
I will try to relax more and take my time moving my hand over. The trick has been giving me a hard time all week, making me frustrated, ending up in knots over and over again. So I think I just naturally tense up when trying the trick. But I really appreciate the help and tip. I will definitely try to relax. Even though I’m not good at relaxing, I’ll try.