Spinworthy Appreciation Thread

I’ve been planning to start this thread for a while but with Fixed-Feb approaching, I figured it was a good time to get it done.

TMBR yo-yos get a lot of deserved recognition, but for some reason SWs don’t get the same attention. @Glenacius_K is currently taking a break from making yo-yos but he has been very busy over the last few years developing several great models and producing a ton of fixed-axles in multiple materials.
Please share your love of Spinworthy and pics of your collection! :heart::yo-yo:


Over this past year, I have acquired all of these SWs.

Row 1:

  • Walnut Harbinger w/take-apart axle and end-grain response (pictured)
  • White Oak Harbinger w/take-apart axle and end-grain response
  • Unknown edition MK1/SW RBC (standard setup)
  • Navy RBC (custom fixie setup - one of my favs)

Row 2:

  • Walnut Urchin (no response - tight gap instead)
  • Wenge Boon (4-hole response)
  • Red Oak Bloodcell (newest 6-hole response)
  • Red Oak KNack (newest 6-hole response)

Row 3 (All made of recycled HDPE)

  • Survivalist (Newest version: 6-hole response, rounded edges - my favourite version)
  • Survivalist (experimental collar response)
  • Survivalist (Original YYE run: 4-hole response)
  • KNack prototype (smaller brass axle, 4-hole response - fairly center-weighted)

My favorite yoyo. Purple heart unresponsive which shall remain nameless


My favorite fixie. Deodar cedar bloodcell with a yellow birch replacement axle and 4 hole response. The SW logo is lasered in the gap so both faces look super clean.


Seen you flash this a few times … by far my favorite of the wooden yo-yos I have see posted.l in these forums. Are there spacers to protect the wood at the bearing seat, kind of like what we see with some POM yo-yos?

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Ya, @Glenacius_K used the OneDrop Cabal spacers on this.


Yeah, I love this thing.

Onedrop Cabal guts


The one and only Skinny Survivalist through hole version made out of HDPE.

Updated photos


4 of my favorite fixies.


Best response and most consistent player out of all my throws


Here’s my Spinworthy collection. My favorites are the oak KNack, beech Bloodcell, darker Button (can’t remember the wood), and the RBCs.


Those are my Spinworthy Fixies I proudly own. @Glenacius_K, you‘re the man. To me your elegantly functional designs and level of craftsmanship is second to non!
I just can’t get myself to regularly throw the Button, the KNack or the Bloodcell since all of them are just too beautiful risking even the slightest scuff. They only get thrown (over carpet of course) on special occasions or as a special treat for accomplishing something. The nameless Throw at the bottom on the other hand became my EDC Fixie workhorse. Weight, walls, gap, response…everything is absolutely on point!


This photo was taken last month, but I just realized I haven’t posted it here.
My maple Spinworthies.
An unnamed experiment, a Button, a KNack, a Bloodcell, and an Urchin.
They each have characteristics that make them more desirable than the others.
If I were to take one into battle, however, it would be the KNack. I love its simplicity and versatility.
I used to prefer the Bloodcell as it’s comfier, and I thought it performed just as well.
But that changed when I found the right string for the KNack. It’s extra power became evident, and it now has a nicer STM arc. Plus, I find that it DNAs the best compared to all my other dimpled fixies. :dna::joy:


You can’t just leave us with

and not share…

Edit: I use YYE Type 10 cotton on most of my wood fixies.

Ahaha. My bad.
Disclaimer: It’s not cotton. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Zipline Executive Class Lite

Your mileage may vary, especially with different woods. :smile:

I’ve also tried YYE Type 10 cotton, but I usually prefer @project44company cotton/nylon blend for most of my fixies, and some locally sourced 50-50 for those with thinner gaps.

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Interesting. I’ve pretty much always taken the cotton recommendation at face value, but the fixie play I do is so low RPM that I’ve often imagined poly wouldn’t be a big deal. I’ve used blends as well; slick 6 (did not like on wood) and @project44company Mugen.


These are my two beautiful RBC’s. I think the half swap looks awesome on these…how about you??


True innovation and inspiration on that Half swap.


Yeah…I tend to look at things a bit differently. Some folks say the glass is half full, some say it’s half empty. To me…it’s just half a glass.


I’ve always stayed about from poly and nylon in my wood throws. I’ve already started to notice melting on the poly I have in my survivalist which while not wood seems to generate some heat when I really toss it around. but it plays so damn good with the string… I’ll have to play with some poly in wood and see how I feel about it.

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I don’t know how many know this but the Gold RBC yo-yos were actually called RHNULL. Now when I read this I thought it was some reference to a mythical Nordic weapon or something so I had to look it up. If you haven’t checked it out, take a moment and look up RHNULL and appreciate the clever name used for this golden beauty. :grin: