All maple Spinworthy Harbinger $50 shipped


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(Mash Mastar) #3

This is a must have! Who ever lands on this buy is going to be one of the luckiest players. You Should make something for the national yo-yo museum. You’re already leaving your carbon foot print on this planet!


looks really nice. quality enough to be sold in big numbers.


You should PM him and ask him to make you a Harbinger. They are so good. My walnut Harbinger is my favorite fixie, and it might be that I play it more than any other yo-yo!


Thanks, Mike. I had no idea you liked the Harbingers you got from me so much!

Edit: I should have sent you a PM to reply to this. Whoops.



({John15}) #9

I really want to buy this from you, but I really cannot stretch this rn. It looks amazing man, you do great work


Bring it up please…