Spinvious Buttered Thread Review!!! (My first review!)

Ok, this is my first review, so feel free to tell me how I did. Anyway…

I have never had a chance to test a new type of string, so I was honored when I was given the opportunity to test Spinvious’ Buttered Thread. Now as you guys here on YYE know, new products need new reviews. Here is mine…

Before Play:
When I recieved the buttered threads in the mail, I was surprised. I opened the package it came in, and there they were, along with a coupon (wooo!). The colors were a nice pink, and also a purple. _______ _________. I was excited to try them, as this was my first non-mass produced string. The string was a bit thinner than a normal 100% poly string, but it looked great. It seemed a bit stiff at first, and it was a little tough to unwind to put it around my yoyo. The colors really impressed me. They seemed to blend into my yoyos, which I think looked cool.

This string was a bit stiff at first, but within a few minutes, it became better. It seems like a very good string. Whenever I tried whips, the string did exactly what I wanted it to do. The same with suicides. It left a big enough loop for me to catch easily, which is surprising considering I can’t do them all that well. The string seems like it made certain tricks easier. It doesn’t grab, and it plays very smooth. I purposely tried to give myself a string burn (to see what it would take), and I had to work pretty hard to get one. It binds very well, and it looks great. This string also lasts a long time. Normally, my superstar eats strings fairly quickly (3-5 a day), but this string has barely begun to fray. It is impressive, and it has a lot of potential!

This string is wonderful!!! The colors are great, and the play is amazing. I think it makes some tricks easier. It lasts a while, and, for me, is great for doing whips and suicides. I highly recommend this string to everyone. This is one of the best strings I have used. I will definitely get more in the future.
This string is only going to be available at spinvio.us , and I wouldn’t miss out!

Congrats Spinvious, you have a great product, and I will buy again!!