Threadz review

Hey guys, this is another review for me and this time Im not telling how I got and BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’m cutting it straight to the review.

Very bright stuff and very shiney. When I looked at the yellow/green string I thought it was sparkling gold! The green looked like a christmas tree with the light on.

This stuff is flat out amazing. I love it. The material is 50/50 and I’m starting to like it more and more. The suicides were amazing. I can land at least 5 in a row and the cool thing about it is that it opens up JUST at the right second for you to stick your finger in. Tension is great. I can do a whole bunch of whips and it doesnt get tangled int he least bit. I love it. It doesnt really fray a lot. I mean I palyed these for 3 days and it has barely frayed. What is amazing about these strings is the bounce. It stats out with a nice bounce and then it doesnt disappear! It lessens but is still there. Also this stuff LASTS. I mean normally I would throw away 50/50 in a day because it gets all tangly fast and sticky and frayey but this is my 3rd day and it still play like brand new. I just wish I had more haha :P. Contact Adam if you want this stuff! Its amazing!

great review i also like my threadz